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July 1997


Blaize Clement has written psychology books and textbooks, essays, short stories, and a play. She recently completed a historical novel, and is currently working on a memoir about her quest for healing. She lives in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.


Corey Fischer is an actor, writer, and founding member of A Traveling Jewish Theatre. He lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with his wife, and is working on a collection of short stories.


Sandy Gerling is an artist, writer, and former registered nurse whose work recently appeared in the anthology Variations on the Ordinary: A Women’s Reader (Plain Views Press). She lives in Birmingham, Michigan.


Derrick Jensen is the author of Listening to the Land: Conversations about Nature, Culture, and Eros (Sierra Club Books). He lives in Spokane, Washington.


Stuart Kestenbaum’s poems have appeared in Tikkun, the Beloit Poetry Journal, and the Texas Review. He is the author of a book of poems titled Pilgrimage (Coyote Love Press) and lives in Deer Isle, Maine.


Alison Luterman lives in Oakland, California, where she writes, sings in a chorus, and teaches fourth-graders about metaphors.


Lorenzo Wilson Milam’s travel book The Blob That Ate Oaxaca (Mho & Mho Works) was nominated for the Pulitzer Prize.


Michael Ventura’s column “Letters at 3 A.M.” appears biweekly in the Austin Chronicle. His most recent book is The Death of Frank Sinatra (Holt), a novel set in Las Vegas.


On The Cover

Rob Amberg writes, takes photographs, and gardens in the mountains of western North Carolina.


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