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February 1999


Anwar F. Accawi teaches at the University of Tennessee’s English Language Institute. His previous essay in The Sun, “The Telephone” [August 1997], was selected to appear in Best American Essays 1998 (Houghton Mifflin).


Susan Browne is a poet and English teacher living in Oakland, California.


Allen Kesten is an early childhood consultant and writer. He lives in Cambridge, Massachusetts, with his second cat.


Jacques Lusseyran was born in France and came of age during the German occupation. Known as “the blind hero of the French Resistance,” he died in 1971.


Mark O’Brien lives in Berkeley, California, where he writes every day while lying naked. He is in search of a publisher for his autobiography, How I Became a Human Being.


Josephine Redlin’s poem in this issue is one of many she has written about things she saw in Egypt, where she lived for two years. She now lives in Fresno, California.


Sybil Smith lives on the banks of the Connecticut River in Vermont, where she fences in her garden but doesn’t lock her doors.


Mirabai Starr lives in Taos, New Mexico, where she is raising two children and two grandchildren. She teaches Spanish, philosophy, and religion at the University of New Mexico.


S. Stephanie is a nurse who lives and works in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Her poem in this issue is from an unpublished manuscript titled Evening Interrupted by Dali.


On The Cover

Rita Bernstein is a photographer and former civil-rights lawyer living in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Her photographs in this issue are from her Domestic Landscape series.


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