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April 1999


Anwar F. Accawi teaches at the University of Tennessee’s English Language Institute. His memoir The Boy from the Tower of the Moon is due out in May from Beacon Press.


At the time of this writing, Poe Ballantine is on a bus to Mexico. Houghton Mifflin will publish a collection of his short stories in the winter of 2000.


Robert Bly is the author of ten books of poetry and several volumes of cultural criticism. He is currently at work on a new book of selected poems. He lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota.


K. E. Ellingson lives in Seattle, Washington, reads a lot, and wears black much of the time, mostly because it’s slimming. She’d like to go to the Lofoten Islands.


Tim Farrington is the author of two novels, The California Book of the Dead (Washington Square) and Blues for Hannah (Crown). He lives in the wilds of Pungo, Virginia, with his wife, Claire.


Kate Knap Johnson is the author of two books of poetry, When Orchids Were Flowers (Dragon Gate) and This Perfect Life (Miami University Press). She lives in Mt. Kisco, New York.


Alison Luterman is working on a children’s play about Coyote. She lives in Oakland, California.


Stephen J. Lyons’s poetry appears in the anthology Bless the Day: Prayers and Poems to Nurture Your Soul (Kodansha Press). He lives in Pullman, Washington.


Lee Martin teaches creative writing at the University of North Texas and is the editor of American Literary Review. His memoir From Our House is due out in the spring of 2000 from Simon & Schuster.


James Ralston lives in West Virginia, where he is an instructor at Shepherd College’s Petersburg campus and a columnist for the Charleston Gazette.


On The Cover

Clemens Kalischer is a photographer living in Stockbridge, Massachusetts.


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