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August 2000


Keith Alexander is currently working toward advanced degrees in creative writing and English literature. He lives in Henderson, Nevada.


David Budbill’s latest book of poems is Moment to Moment: Poems of a Mountain Recluse (Copper Canyon Press). He lives in Wolcott, Vermont.


Jake Gaskins is a professor of English and the director of the Writing Center at Southeast Missouri State University in Cape Girardeau.


James Hillman is a pioneer psychologist, an international lecturer, and the author of more than twenty books. He lives in Connecticut.


Tom Ireland is best known for his ability to balance things on his nose. (A drinking straw is difficult. A broom is easy.) He lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico.


Leslie Pietrzyk is author of the novel Pears on a Willow Tree (Avon/Bard). She lives in Alexandria, Virginia.


Sy Safransky is editor of The Sun.


Susan Terris’s most recent books of poetry are Eye of the Holocaust (Arctos Press) and Angels of Bataan (Pudding House Publications). She lives in San Francisco.


Genie Zeiger lives in Shelburne, Massachusetts. Her memoir How I Find Her: A Mother’s Dying, a Daughter’s Life will be published this fall by Sherman Asher Publishing.


On The Cover

Ethan Hubbard sold his house in 1978 and traveled the world for twenty years, taking photographs everywhere he went. He currently lives in Vermont.


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