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May 2003


Antler is a poet living in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Gary Snyder has called him “one of the half-dozen or so truly committed wilderness poets in American letters.” An omnibus edition of Antler’s poems, titled Antler: The Selected Poems, has just been released by Soft Skull Press.


Robert P. Cooke’s poetry was recently published in Sou’wester and the Southern Poetry Review. He lives in Highland, Indiana, and works at a refinery where, he says, “every day the substance of poetry is born.”


D’Arcy Fallon is a former journalist who teaches English composition and creative writing at the University of Colorado in Colorado Springs. Her essay in this issue is from her memoir So Late, So Soon, which is due out in September 2003 from Hawthorne Books.


Derrick Jensen’s latest book, Walking on Water: On Reading, Writing, and Revolution, is due out from Context Books in July. His previous books include The Culture of Make Believe and A Language Older than Words (both Context Books). He lives in Crescent City, California, where he works to improve the habitat of California red-legged frogs and coho salmon.


Al Neipris has had several essays published in The Sun. He lives in Mansfield, Massachusetts.


Michael Pollan is a contributing writer for the New York Times Magazine and the author of two prize-winning books: Second Nature: A Gardener’s Education (Atlantic Monthly Press) and A Place of My Own: The Education of an Amateur Builder (Random House). He was the recipient of the first Global Award for Excellence in Environmental Journalism, given by Reuters and the World Conservation Union. He lives in Cornwall Bridge, Connecticut, with his wife and son.


Michael Shilling lives in Seattle, Washington, where he is working on a novel and a collection of short stories. His fiction has appeared in Bridge and Night Rally.


Michael Shorb is a poet, children’s story writer, and novelist who lives in San Francisco. His poetry has appeared in such publications as Michigan Quarterly, the Nation, and the Shakespeare Newsletter, and his children’s stories have been recorded by Shoofly. He has worked for more than ten years in the database-production department of a major information-services provider.



Photographer Peter J. Crowley lives in Norwich, Vermont. “For most of the past thirty years I’ve been making statements with my images,” he says. “Now I seem to be posing more questions.” He has self-published one book of photographs, All the Usual Subjects.


Gloria Baker Feinstein is a photographer living in Kansas City, Missouri. Her images in this issue are from a series titled One Square Mile.


Scott Hess is a commercial and fine-art photographer living in Sonoma County, California. He is currently working on a series of images taken in cathedrals and churches.


Michael Roche is a photographer living in Fredericksburg in the Texas Hill Country.


Thomas Tulis is a photographer living in Atlanta, Georgia.


Joseph Wheeler is a photographer from Virginia Beach, Virginia. He specializes in black-and-white portraits but loves to document anything old, decayed, and forgotten.


Harry Wilson loves to travel because he enjoys learning about other peoples and cultures. His photographs in this issue were taken in Vietnam, Laos, and Nicaragua. He lives in Bakersfield, California, which is another reason he loves to travel.


On The Cover

Gregory Thorp is a photographer living in New Haven, Connecticut. He took this month’s cover photograph thirty-two years ago. “I was introducing a five-year-old boy to a beloved horse,” he writes. “The meeting almost cost the boy his fingers.”

image © Harry Wilson

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