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February 2015


Kelly Grey Carlisle’s essays have appeared in New England Review, Ploughshares, and The Rumpus. She teaches writing at Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas, and edits the new literary magazine 1966: A Journal of Creative Nonfiction.


Ariane Conrad, also known as the Book Doula, is an editorial consultant specializing in nonfiction books about world-changing ideas. Most recently she collaborated with labor leader Ai-jen Poo on The Age of Dignity, which is forthcoming in early 2015. She lives in Berlin, Germany, where she grows arugula, mint, and rosemary on her balcony.


SeSe Geddes teaches creative writing as well as belly dancing in Santa Cruz, California, where she worries that she has shirked her civic duty by never having learned to surf.


Martin Luther King Jr. advocated the use of nonviolent civil disobedience to advance the American civil-rights movement. A recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize, he was assassinated in 1968 at the age of thirty-nine.


Sy Safransky is the editor and publisher of The Sun.


Heather Sellers is the author of You Don’t Look like Anyone I Know, a memoir about family and face blindness. She’s also published three books on writing, two volumes of poetry, and one collection of short stories. She teaches at the University of South Florida in Tampa and always composes her first drafts in longhand.


Saint James Harris Wood is a writer and musician who is currently incarcerated for second-degree armed robbery. He is the author of a collection of poems titled A Note Found in the Desert, and his work has appeared in Boulevard and on Esquire’s website. Correspondence can be sent to Saint James Harris Wood T30027, P.O. Box 8101, CMC-East 6324, San Luis Obispo, California, 93409.



Lucy Capehart’s work has been shown in the Portland Art Museum, published in The Oxford American, and used as the cover for Fugazi’s album Steady Diet of Nothing. She lives in Missoula, Montana.


Michael Galinsky is a photographer, filmmaker, and musician. He recently released Malls across America, a book of photographs of shopping malls in the 1980s. He lives with his family in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.


John Kastner is an artist who lives in Rochester, New York, where he teaches at the Memorial Art Gallery.


Kim McAlear feels most at home when she’s outside running, hiking, or cycling. She lives in Ashland, Oregon.


Anna Kaufman Moon’s work has appeared in The New York Times, Life, and Newsweek. She lives in Cobleskill, New York.


David Nevala began his career as a photographer working for the American Lung Association. He lives in Madison, Wisconsin, with his wife, son, dog, chickens, and seven bicycles.


Vicki Reed is a photographer who lives in Wheaton, Illinois.


Kathy Rudin is an artist whose work has been published in Out, Genre, and Wilde. She lives in Southampton, New York, where she rescues dogs and cats.


Mark Townsend is a photographer who lives in Brooklyn, New York.


Suzi Q. Varin lives in Austin, Texas, with her husband. A skater, punk-rock tomboy, and Sudoku-puzzle addict, she was chosen by Martha Stewart Weddings as a top wedding photographer of 2014.


Cynthia E. Wood is a documentary and fine-art photographer who lives in San Francisco, California. She’s fond of bookstores, the game Boggle, and letters that arrive the old-fashioned way.


On The Cover

Doug Kuzmiak lives in Timonium, Maryland, and his work has been used for conservation efforts in the U.S., South Africa, Britain, and Pakistan. He took this month’s cover photo of a schoolgirl studying by battery-powered lamplight in Gilgit, Pakistan, a mountain city where electricity is frequently unavailable.

image © Kim McAlear

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