Issue 53 | Correspondence | The Sun Magazine


Merry Christmas and best wishes in your struggle for survival. THE SUN continues to be valuable to me and, I am sure, to many others. I support whatever format changes are necessary for you, but I hope that letting go of the sense of humor and love will not have to be one of them.

This short note doesn’t truly reflect the good feelings I have for THE SUN, but I hoped that you would value a poor reflection better than no reflection at all.

Just read the Patricia Sun issue last night and felt that she spoke to me in many ways. Wish I had seen her when she was there.

Once again, best wishes and thanks for everything.

Sam Edwards, M.D. Morgantown, West Virginia

Just wanted to thank THE SUN for bringing Jimmy Santiago Baca and Peg Staley into the house. What fine human beings with so much to offer. I’m a much better person for the reading.

Michael Rigsby Corvallis, Oregon

I have your recent issue here, and like many I have randomly seen in the past, it is excellent. I enjoy your freedom, diversity, quality and style. I like to read what people write about themselves, the quotes, poetry and graphics. You do a wonderful job and will never know the distances your good work travels, or its effects.

Bob Cooney Point Reyes Station, California

I have been following Peg Staley’s letters over the months and have been impressed by her beauty and openness and her faith in her search. She touched home, as my mother had breast cancer in the early 60’s. Happily, she is still with us. Though Peg is not, physically that is, I feel the glow of her spirit.

I cried upon reading of her last days. Thank you so much for publishing all of the letters. They mean so much to me and my family.

I know Peg’s strength is best served through another medium not on this plane.

Much love to all of you.

Crystal Colgin Boone, N.C.
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