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Woman’s Choice: A Sampler

Excerpts From A New Intimate Monthly Journal Of Feminine Expression

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I’ve just read “Loneliness” by Louise Lacey in the excerpts from Woman’s Choice [Issue 53]. I have never read so clear and helpful a comment on loneliness. In looking over the excerpts from this journal, I’m gratified to discover that there is some pocket of helpful, sensible comment and thought for women in the sexual war which seems so terminally popular in this world. No doubt there is some way the alternate viewpoints are expressed (there have got to be healthy male people who are literate somewhere?) and I look forward to discovering this soon.

I have for years wondered when there will be a positive, creative male expression of viewpoints to complement the emergence of such beautiful and helpful words as I see are in print now in Woman’s Choice. On my road from the place so vividly bared in Jim Thornton’s letter in the same issue of THE SUN to whatever place I’m going it’s good to know there are people walking around in women’s bodies to meet and get to know, who are what I guess I’d call a little more grown up.

Jim Welborn Minneapolis, Minnesota
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