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November 2022


Marilyn Abildskov is the author of the travel memoir The Men in My Country. Her work has appeared in The Best American Essays. She teaches at Saint Mary’s College of California.


Matt Barrett knew it was time to pursue his love of writing when he was laid off from his job as a telephone support person. Now, instead of dreading his job, he looks forward to each day of teaching at Gettysburg College in Pennsylvania.


Kelly DeLong is the author of the novel The Poor Sucker and the nonfiction book The Freshman Year at an HBCU. He teaches at Clark Atlanta University and lives in Georgia.


Barbara Ehrenreich was a political essayist, a social critic, and the author or coauthor of more than twelve books of nonfiction, including Natural Causes and, most recently, the essay collection Had I Known. She died in September.


Rupert Fike spent eight years repairing trucks used by midwives on a rural commune where more than two thousand babies were born. He has published two books of poetry and lives in Clarkston, Georgia.


Miles Harvey was swarmed by wasps during the total eclipse of the sun in 2017. He survived to complete his latest book of nonfiction, The King of Confidence.


Colette Marie lives in Walla Walla, Washington, where she can often be found dancing in the kitchen or tearing out the lawn to plant more flowers. She is working on a novel.


Feliz Moreno received her MFA in creative writing from the University of San Francisco. She works at a library and loves to roller-skate.


Peter Short is a fourth-generation Floridian who is raising his two Texan boys with his wife in Dallas. His stories have appeared in Crazyhorse and The Greensboro Review.



Ronald P. Abeles lives in Santa Barbara, California. His interest in photography started at twelve years old, when his uncle gave him a camera.


Maureen Beitler is a photographer who lives in New York City. She explores the Appalachian and Allegheny Mountains with her camera and develops gelatin silver prints in her darkroom.


Miriam Berkley is a photographer and writer who has created an extensive archive of author portraits and images of her hometown, New York City.


Pash Galbavy lives in Sedona, Arizona, with her husband and fourteen chickens that came with their house. She works as a nude model for artists and hosts online drawing groups.


Ken Kartes was a mostly self-taught photographer whose favorite photos were of unplanned moments. He died in 2020.


Jon Kral retired from photojournalism and moved to the North Carolina mountains twenty years ago. His two young grandchildren keep him from becoming the old mountain hermit he sometimes yearns to be.


Irene Reti is a photographer, oral historian, and publisher whose most recent book, Bodies of Water: A Tribute to Payahüünadü, is a poetic and imagistic history of water politics in California’s Eastern Sierra.


Nicholas Small is a photographer and cinematographer who lives in Los Angeles. His documentary photography has taken him to such locations as Kenya, Iraq, Mexico, and Ukraine.


Kim Weimer has worked as a photojournalist for more than three decades. She lives in suburban Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.


Forest Woodward is trying to complain less and listen more while making pictures of things he cares about. He lives in Franklin, North Carolina.


On The Cover

Hanna Bradbury lives in the Colorado mountains and works with her husband as a wedding photographer. When not photographing nuptials, she points her camera toward the natural world. She took the picture of the dahlia on this month’s cover in her photography studio.

image © Maureen Beitler

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