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July 1980


Jimmy Santiago Baca came to North Carolina in 1978 after spending five years in prison, where he taught himself to read and write. He is the author of Immigrants In Our Own Land (Louisiana State University Press) and lives in Hurdle Mills, N.C.

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David Belsky has just moved from Chapel Hill back to New York. He writes, “Luckily, New York has been relatively empty for Memorial Day weekend, but Central Park was mobbed — roller disco; a developing fight which my ex-roommate wanted to witness but I didn’t; a little girl, with a gentle face, who danced to African music; a magician who made cards shrink: all within an hour, among much more. It’s hard not to live in the moment here.” David was an editorial assistant at THE SUN and says he remains one in spirit.

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David Guy lives in Durham, N.C. His novel Football Dreams will be published this Fall by Seaview Books.

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John Rosenthal taught English at UNC-Greensboro and UNC-Chapel Hill from 1965 to 1971. He is now a photographer and lives in Chapel Hill.

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Sy Safransky

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On The Cover

Priscilla Rich is a photographer who lives in the country near Chapel Hill.

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