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Interviews With Inmates Of Hillsborough Prison

The day I sat in the courtroom, there were three or four white men with the same charges, but they let them pay out, maybe seven or eight hundred dollars. I was black. The man didn’t say nothing about no fees or charges. They gave me the maximum sentence. My skin color gave me away. I can base it down to that. I didn’t have the money, so I got to pull the time. It’s just as simple as that.

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Books: Back From The Dead And Goofy As Ever

Characters in the novels of Anne Tyler are imprisoned by people, places, things, by the whole fabric of their past lives, but they dream — some of them — of escaping. Their means of escape is through other people. They envision in the other a life more like the one they want to lead, and their decisions to change are sudden. (The sudden decision to marry is becoming an Anne Tyler trademark). What they discover is that they escape only into themselves, that they have woven the fabric of their lives out of their own personalities and will proceed to weave it again. Our lives don’t have some separate existence; we are our lives. Thus, in Earthly Possessions a woman who longs to escape the household where she is a kind of mother hen is rescued by a convict who takes her hostage in a bank holdup, but soon enough she finds herself taking care of him as a mother would.

The Eleventh Man

When his mother was assaulted, she grabbed the attacker’s knife and broke the blade with her hands, turning this instrument of evil into a token of divine power. The policeman . . . was amazed at her miraculous strength. That’s how things are in Brooklyn.

We Killed Them

Michael welcomes strangers by throwing his arms around them. . . . His thoughts are disarmingly honest and to the point . . .


Tales From Inside

How do you explain that the air, stars, the moonless sky, are the elements that lead your very early footsteps into each day, that you believe in them, they speak, they listen, they weep and laugh and love with you?

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My favorite magazine isn’t published anymore. It is McClure’s, the foremost of the several magazines which in the early years of this century developed a style and attitude to which Teddy Roosevelt gave the name “muckraking.”

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When you come right down to it all you have is yourself. The sun is a thousand rays in your belly. All the rest is nothing.

Pablo Picasso

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