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April 1981


David C. Childers lives in Lillington, N.C. He’s a poet and a law student who writes that he and his partner “won a $450,000 judgment in mock trial. On top of that, the professor is using a videotape of my closing argument as a model of how to do it. Beats the hell out of me. Am also averaging eight points a game in intramural basketball. These fleeting things.”


Nyle Frank has traveled in the last year to Israel, Greece, Yugoslavia, and Cuba but you can still hear him playing piano every week at the Irregardless Cafe in Raleigh. He lives in Chapel Hill, where he’s writing music and short stories.


Louise Harris is a poet who lives in Durham, N.C.


Carol Hoppe returned to the U.S. recently from seven years in Germany, Greece, and Austria. She lives in Chapel Hill and teaches in the Chapel Hill public schools.


Sy Safransky is editor of THE SUN.


Mark Satin had been a draft resister in Canada for nearly twelve years. He began to realize that he was engaged in a lover’s quarrel with his country.


Cheryl N. Schilling lives and writes in Everett, Washington.


On The Cover

Priscilla Rich lives in the country near Chapel Hill. She is a photographer and is available for free-lance work.


Sy Safransky

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