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An Interview With Medicine Story

When I first met Medicine Story, he wasn’t himself. He was in the character of Black Elk, recreating the great Indian visionary’s story before a large and enchanted crowd. As I listened, I became as fascinated with the teller as with the story. His eyes spoke of ancient wisdom, yet he moved with a youthful excitement. His manner was soft and his words were powerful, grounded in both tradition and a deep personal commitment.

Essays, Memoirs, and True Stories

The Aquarian Conspiracy

The difference between transformation by accident and transformation by a system is like the difference between lightning and a lamp. Both give illumination, but one is dangerous and unreliable, while the other is relatively safe, directed, available.

Writing A Wrong

In March, 1981, I vow never to be an “employee” again. I want to write for a living, to watch it become more than the daily discipline of my journal, to send completed pieces to a public that will pay me to write more. But I need a front, some marketable skill, some commodity that can be bought and sold more easily than my writing, to finance such a freedom.

Honest Business

Book Review

When I agonized last year over whether or not to buy a friend’s typesetting business, I could have used Michael Phillips’ and Salli Rasberry’s new book Honest Business. I would have known my answer in a couple of hours rather than dragging out indecision for months if I’d read the chapter on “ tradeskill .” I would have learned the significance of my family’s lack of background in business. (“She’ll make a mess of it. They’re all schoolteachers in her family,” my husband’s grandmother said, which of course made me more determined to go ahead.) AndI found myself never wanting to look at the ledgers. “If you are ready to overcome the taboo of books, then read on; if not, then do not go into business!” is Phillips’ and Rasberry’s advice. As much as I loved typesetting, running a business was not for me.


What You Worship

How the dog felt about the canary I can describe in no other way: she worshipped it. How else would you explain her devotion? Fascination, perhaps? All right. But worship, at least in part, is fascination taken to its extreme. I leave it to you to judge if this wasn’t an extreme case.

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Readers Write

If I Had A Million Dollars

Strangely, the first two things that come to mind are wanting to feed the poor and buying a 30-foot sailboat. A contradiction embedded in American culture, noblesse oblige philanthropy and hedonism.

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It took me 40 or 50 years, but I had it from the beginning.

Louise Nevelson

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