There Is A Place Where You Are Not Alone | By Hugh Prather | Issue 76 | The Sun Magazine

There Is A Place Where You Are Not Alone

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You have been publishing a lot about suicide lately. I can remember when THE SUN was all light, at times frothy, always sunny, but caring, introspective, etc. And then you apparently began going through some kind of hell, and suddenly, but gradually, I’m aware of all the articles about parting, death, and suicide. Have you noticed this? The magazine must reflect your life like a mirror.

It is alright with me. I’m not complaining, just thinking of you and wondering about your agony. Are you suicidal? I’m like Kawabata, who said he thought of suicide every day of his life. The idea does not scare me. I’m 60 now, so it doesn’t make much difference, but I hate to think of anyone, of you, slogging through the crap of minding suicide. I agree with Prather in 76: I’m trying to say by writing that you have my respect and that you are innocent.

William Sprunt Raleigh, N.C.
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