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July 1983


Alan Brilliant, with his wife, Teo Savory, runs the Unicorn Press in Greensboro, N.C.

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Jeff Dietrich, a member of the Los Angeles Catholic Worker House, was arrested in October 1979 for participating in a non-violent protest outside the Military Arms Bazaar in Convention City, Anaheim, California, and sentenced to an unusually harsh, six-month sentence in the county jail.

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Cedar Koons lives near Timberlake, North Carolina. A midwife, she writes, “Figuratively speaking, writing poetry is a lot like attending at a birth. It all happens in its own time, you usually get soaked and a little bloody in the process and you always have a special feeling about the offspring.”

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Lorenzo Milam, in response to a request for biographical material, says, “You could quote from Tom Robbins: Lorenzo W. Milam was born near Idaho, Potato, in a log cabin on the edge of Tapioca State Pudding. As a child he was an imaginary playmate. The University of Pineapple is his alma papaya; he was graduated mango cum laude. Early in his career, he revolutionized the broadcasting business, but he is not to be blamed: The San Andreas is nobody’s fault. . . .”

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Howard Jay Rubin is a freelance writer who lives in Oakland, California.

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Sy Safransky is editor of THE SUN.

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P.B. Wind “stands for Princess Breaking Wind, a pen name for someone who wishes most of all not to be taken too seriously.”

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