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Featured Selections

Featured Selections

Listen to Poems from Our April Issue

Listen to the authors read the three poems featured in our April issue. These poems all touch on themes of what we give away or leave behind.

By Nancy Holochwost, Associate Editor • April 30, 2024
Featured Selections

Photo Essays That Tell a Story

We’re always happy when a photo pairs nicely with a piece of writing, and particularly when a whole photo essay can complement other work in the magazine. We’ve printed quite a few over the years. Keep reading for a selection of photo essays from our archive to scroll through after you’ve read some of the pieces in our April issue.

By Derek Askey • April 29, 2024
Featured Selections

The Love of the Game

Mac Crane’s essay in our March issue, “Loving a Sport That Doesn’t Always Love Me Back,” explores the author’s complex relationship with athletics and identity. Keep reading for selections from our archive that capture the beauty, transformation, and intensity sports bring to our lives.

By Nancy Holochwost • March 28, 2024
Featured Selections

Listen to Poems from Our March Issue

Listen to the authors read the two transporting poems featured in our March issue. These vivid poems describe escapes of two very different kinds.

By Nancy Holochwost, Associate Editor • March 15, 2024
Featured Selections

The Beast in Your Head

I confess that I had never listened to Metallica’s “Enter Sandman” all the way through until I read “The Beast in Your Head,” but that didn’t keep me from being drawn into Cynthia Marie Hoffman’s reflection on how the song informed her experience as a teenager with undiagnosed obsessive-compulsive disorder. We’ve scheduled this essay for an upcoming issue of the magazine, but we’re sharing it early online in celebration of Cynthia’s new memoir in prose poems, Exploding Head, published this month by Persea Books. —David Mahaffey, Associate Editor

By Cynthia Marie Hoffman • February 22, 2024
Featured Selections

The Challenges—and Joys—of Pregnancy

Lucy Tan’s “Falling Action in Hoboken,” from our February issue, is the story of a young woman who begins dating a man she meets at a bar, then unexpectedly finds herself pregnant. The narrator describes her hesitations about carrying the pregnancy to term: “I think about the word womb a lot, about how it sounds like a cross between wound and tomb. I don’t want to be a mother. I am not qualified to be a mother.” This month’s archive selections explore the challenges—and joys—women may face when discovering they’re pregnant.

By Derek Askey, Associate Editor • February 20, 2024
Featured Selections

Listen to Poems from Our February Issue

Listen to the recordings of the three poems featured in our February issue. Each poem touches on a “what if”: an uncertain or changeable moment when a different future is possible.

By Nancy Holochwost, Associate Editor • February 16, 2024
Featured Selections

Nature and Nurture

Our January 2024 issue looks at how our environments and circumstances shape us and how we are shaping our environment. Collectively the voices in the issue grapple with not only the idea of nature versus nurture, but also with how we can nurture nature. These are questions that Sun contributors have contemplated for years, and I’ve pulled a few of my favorites from our archive.

By Staci Kleinmaier, Assistant Editor • January 30, 2024
Featured Selections

More from La Diáspora

In the January 2024 issue of The Sun Hank Baker’s photo essay, “La Diáspora,” recounts his time living in the Costa Chica, a coastal region in Mexico that is home to the greatest number of Black Mexicans in the country. Here are additional photos that Hank shared of the people he met during his time there.

By Hank Baker • January 19, 2024
Featured Selections

Listen to Poems from Our January Issue

Listen to the recordings of the three poems featured in our January issue. Each one contains an image that stops me in my tracks: a motionless panther; a dark mine shaft; the turn of a lock.

By Nancy Holochwost, Associate Editor • January 17, 2024
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