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Five Questions for Five Decades

Five Questions for Five Decades

March Writer Spotlight: Heather Sellers

March 21, 2023

In this new feature, we’ve asked Sun subscribers and contributors about their experience with the magazine and their thoughts about the future.

A photograph of Heather Sellers.


Heather Sellers published the first of many pieces in The Sun in April 1996. She is director of the undergraduate and MFA creative writing programs at the University of South Florida. Heather has a new textbook, How to Make Poems, forthcoming this fall. Visit for information on her writing workshops and her latest collection of poetry, Field Notes from the Flood Zone.

Browse all of Heather’s work from the magazine here.


1. What inspired you to first send your writing to The Sun?

They paid writers and had a large readership. Eventually I came to love the truly wonderful Sun community — the writing retreats, meeting writers and readers, and so on.

2. What’s a piece in The Sun that’s resonated with you over the years?

In every issue, there’s something I fall in love with. Every. Issue.

3. What role do you see The Sun playing for readers today?

It’s the opposite of AI. It’s real I.

4. What’s a trick you use when you get stuck while writing?

Continue writing.

5. What’s an underappreciated book/writer that’s made a difference to you?

Helen Garner. I recommend any of her diaries.

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