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Corned Beef On Rye

When I was seven, my father used to complain that I ate like a dinosaur — the kind that stood on its hind legs and ripped off tree branches with its mouth. The louder he yelled at me, the more I used my spoon like a shovel, until he’d wrap his fingers around my wrist and squeeze so tigh…

Worth Fighting For

An Interview With Holly Near

You are not apolitical when youre an artist,” Holly Near asserted in a recent interview. “Artists have a certain political power. . . . You're an affecter.” Few songwriters seem to really understand the implications of their words, and fewer still wield them con…


A Zen monk and a Catholic priest were walking along a road. They came to a baby crying by the side of the road. The monk did nothing. The priest picked up the baby and held it in his arms. The baby stopped crying, and soon the mother came and took it from the priest.

Broken Bond

An Interview With Joseph Chilton Pearce

If the majority of our children stopped producing twelve-year molars, we’d be in shock; yet they’ve stopped producing twelve-year mentality. Operational thinking fails to take place in seventy percent of our children, and no one pays that much attention. Instead, we do what we are doing…

The End Of A Sixties Dream?

An Interview With Stephen Gaskin

Things did happen. We got out of Vietnam. We made it so that you couldn’t run a racist society separate from the rest of the United States, so that the Constitution reached down into corners of Alabama and Mississippi. We got rid of a President who was a tyrant. We brought new forms of educat…