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Editor's Note

September 1983

I’m getting married soon. It’s a door I’ve walked through twice before, and some of the rooms I know well. I’ve stood in the vestibule of good intentions, peering down the dark halls, a chill on the spine, and for good reason! But I never made it to the hallway’s end, to the high arches, to the great winding stairs that lead down and down, ending somewhere I can’t imagine, to rooms that open on what rooms become after years, but not just years, effort, but not effort alone, for I’ve paid in years and effort and didn’t get to the heart of the house, not having discovered the way to my own heart.

Editor’s Note

April 4 — In the early hours, the ancient loneliness arrives. Come in, I say, make yourself at home. Let’s not pretend, it says, you wish I’d never come. I remind you of too much you’d rather forget. No, no, I insist.

Talk Isn’t Cheap

I spoke recently to someone who arranges workshops for one of the leading new age organizations. He shook his head sadly when I brought up the high prices. The problem, he said, is that nearly everyone insists on being well-paid; even relatively unknown and inexperienced workshop leaders ask for $1,000 or $2,000. And the more popular ones want more than that.