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Editor's Note

Editor’s Note

April 4 — In the early hours, the ancient loneliness arrives. Come in, I say, make yourself at home. Let’s not pretend, it says, you wish I’d never come. I remind you of too much you’d rather forget. No, no, I insist.

Talk Isn’t Cheap

I spoke recently to someone who arranges workshops for one of the leading new age organizations. He shook his head sadly when I brought up the high prices. The problem, he said, is that nearly everyone insists on being well-paid; even relatively unknown and inexperienced workshop leaders ask for $1,000 or $2,000. And the more popular ones want more than that.

Editor's Note

Running Away

I run for two reasons: I enjoy the exercise and, perhaps more compellingly, I usually learn something about myself. Fifteen or twenty minutes into my run, some alchemy occurs: suddenly, I’m smarter; things fall into place. I’ve read that this may have something to do with a morphine-like substance produced by the brain; if so, I’m glad it’s legal and free, because I like the stuff a lot.

Editor's Note

Breathing Space

John and I work in the old yellow house on West Rosemary Street, where The Sun and Lunar Graphics are located. We’re an odd couple, the kind of friends thrown together by circumstance. He’s intelligent, articulate when he wants to be, but shy, and tends not to talk much about himself. I’m more expressive and outgoing, more emotional — to a fault, John suggests. But, for the most part, we get along. After all, we share some overriding concerns. He, too, left New York in search of a life, not merely a living, reasoning that success has to do less with money than with happiness and the independence of working for yourself.