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How do you know when it’s time to take your autistic, bipolar twelve-year-old daughter to the psych ward? (They call them “behavioral units” now.) Is it when you find yourself sitting on her back and holding her arms to the ground while your wife lies on her legs? When she head-butts you the first time? The fifth? When she spits in your face?

Death Of A Fisherman

We lived in a place between mountains in the trout lands. The fish dwelt in the chill of eternal movement, slick and lithe and beautiful, in the curve of sapphire rivers twinkling with western sun. This was why we’d moved to Montana when I was a boy — to chase fish, in the church of my father’s religion.


A friend insists he’s got a major New York publisher

A friend insists he’s got a major New York publisher interested in this. We pass along, without comment, his table of contents, penciled crudely on a Kleenex.

  • Conventional. Nasal-nasal front rubbing position.


Yesterday, I mailed off my application

“Yesterday, I mailed off my application for the federal service entrance exam. After four years of seeking an alternative to the system, the possibility of a nine thousand dollar a year job working for the Environmental Protection Agency is almost appealing.”

Sy’s Space

More jobs in the last year than I can remember, and so little sense, through it all, of any purposeful endeavor, of meaningful labor, of real work.


The best alternative energy sources

The best alternative energy sources, according to Watson Morris of ECOS, are “doing away with present wasteful practices.”

Sy’s Space

A cloudy, dreary day, sick with a cold, yet I want to mark the day, the year, to settle old accounts and begin something anew. It is what I am always up to, and I see how foolish it is, and how necessary.


Big cities may shrink

Big cities may shrink to more manageable proportions because of the fuel pinch, some regional planners believe.