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[ The response to our recent fund-raising effort has been heartening. The letter we sent to subscri…

Friend of The Sun

New readers are often surprised that The Sun has been around for eighteen years. It’s unusual for a small magazine to survive this long; some would call it a miracle.​

Friend of the Sun

It was a busy morning. I didn’t know what to do first: finish the essay I was writing, or lay out the next issue, or answer an irate reader who couldn’t believe how insensitive I was.

Friend Of The Sun

The Sufis enjoy telling stories about an enigmatic character named Nasrudin. In one of my favorites, Nasrudin decides to start a flower garden. He prepares the soil carefully, plants the seeds. But when his flowers come up, they’re overrun by dandelions. After trying every method he can think of to get rid of them, he finally walks to the capital to speak to the royal gardener. The wise old man suggests a variety of remedies to get rid of the dandelions, but Nasrudin has tried them all. They sit together in silence for some time. Finally, the royal gardener looks at Nasrudin and says, “Well, I suggest you learn to love them.”