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Though no two centuries are overy much like each other, some hours perhaps are; moments are; critical moments nearly always are. Emotions are the same. We are the same. The man, not the day, is the lasting phenomenon.

Eudora Welty,
“Reality in Chekhov’s Stories”


All happy families resemble one another; every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.

Leo Tolstoy


As far as the writing itself is concerned it takes next to no time at all. Much too much is written every day of our lives. We are overwhelmed by it. But when at times we see through the welter of evasive or interested patter, when by chance we penetrate to some moving detail of a life, there is always time to bang out a few pages. The thing isn’t to find the time for it — we waste hours every day doing absolutely nothing at all — the difficulty is to catch the evasive life of the thing, to phrase the words in such a way that stereotype will yield a moment of insight. This is where the difficulty lies. We are lucky when that underground current can be tapped and the secret spring of all our lives will send up its pure water. It seldom happens. A thousand trivialities push themselves to the front, our lying habits of everyday speech and thought are foremost, telling us that that is what “they” want to hear. Tell them something else.

William Carlos Williams


This “being oneself” is of course impossible. All the talk about it is the expression of collective lostness, confusion and depression. To say, “I want to be only myself” makes about as much sense as saying, “I want to speak my own language.” One has to express himself in the language he has grown up with from childhood or has learned since then. One cannot speak his “own” language, and moreover, even if one did, no one else could understand it. Similarly, we cannot find ourselves but only express ourselves through archetypal role enactments, and in this way we may also — perhaps — find ourselves.

Adolf Guggenbuhl-Craig
Marriage: Dead Or Alive?


If we could get over that idea of sin, get rid of guilt, then I think a great many things that disturb people would be accepted as normal and natural. and nothing made of it.

Henry Miller


As he told me about his plans, I listened but could not forget that he would not last the week. What folly to be talking of the future, of his future! But once outside, I could not help thinking that after all there is not much difference between a mortal man and a dying man. The absurdity of making plans is only slightly more obvious in the second case.

E.M. Cioran


Question: What is the cause of the world?

Answer: Love.

Question: Why do men revolt?

Answer: To find beauty, either in life or in death.

Question: What for each of us is inevitable?

Answer: Happiness.

Question: And what is the greatest marvel?

Answer: Each day, death strikes, and we live as though we were immortal. This is the greatest marvel.

The Mahabharata


That so much human struggle seems to take place in sexual terms is somewhat misleading. The ambiguity and uncertainties of fulfilling oneself as a man or as a woman sometimes mask the more profound anguish of simply being human.

Sheldon Kopp, If You Meet The
Buddha On The Road, Kill Him