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Readers Write

Readers Write

Favorite Magazines

Muckraking, infamous mergers, the Jeffersonian ideal

By Our Readers September 1980
Readers Write

My Work, My Job

Advertising, writing, nursing

By Our Readers August 1980
Readers Write

Being A Parent

Being changed forever, being on a long journey of wonder, being surprised

By Our Readers July 1980
Readers Write

Childhood Fears

Large vegetables, losing one or both parents, the death of an animal

By Our Readers June 1980
Readers Write


Phantoms, abortions, an organizing principle

By Our Readers May 1980
Readers Write


Crete, Sunday School, a room full of Rembrandts

By Our Readers April 1980
Readers Write

My Favorite Book(s)‚ And Why

Seth Speaks, Breakfast of Champions, The Miracle of Love

By Our Readers March 1980
Readers Write


A pituitary tumor, a shot of thorazine, the flu

By Our Readers February 1980
Readers Write


Like a horse, to attain a state of high performance, to achieve a balance somewhere between the need and the desire

By Our Readers January 1980
Readers Write

Simple Pleasures

Kite-flying, spaghetti, the sound of moving water

By Our Readers December 1979
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