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April 2020

Issue 532

One Of Us | Mark Leviton
Mark W. Moffett On The Social Behavior Of Humans And Other Animals

Readers Write on “Accidents”​
An unplanned pregnancy, a twisted ankle, a case of dynamite

March 2020

Issue 531

Blind Hate | Thacher Schmid
Randy Blazak On Why White Supremacy Persists

Readers Write on “Shortcuts”​
Along the shoreline, through a neighbor’s yard, in a back alley

February 2020

Issue 530

We Will Be Seen | Mark Leviton
Tressie McMillan Cottom On Confronting Racism, Sexism, And Classism

Readers Write on “Bravery”​
Facing the police, facing your parents, facing the truth

January 2020

Issue 529

A Test Of Our Compassion | Savannah Barnes
Louisa Willcox & David Mattson On The Plight Of Grizzly Bears

Readers Write on “Nourishment”​
Dad’s leftover stew, the kids’ Lunchables, coffee and pie with a friend

December 2019

Issue 528

The World We Still Have | Fred Bahnson
Barry Lopez On Restoring Our Lost Intimacy With Nature

Readers Write on “Interruptions”​
A detour in Samoa, an encounter in a bar, a snowfall in Colorado

November 2019

Issue 527

An Imperfect Union | Finn Cohen
Astra Taylor On The Inherent Conflict Between Capitalism And Democracy

Readers Write on “The Mall”​
Conspicuous consumption, retail therapy, a botched makeover

October 2019

Issue 526

Tipping Point | David Barsamian
Bill McKibben On A Planet In Peril

Readers Write on “Worship”
A miraculous experience, a mixed-faith couple, a big fat question mark

September 2019

Issue 525

To Protect And To Serve? | Mark Leviton
Alex S. Vitale On The Overpolicing Of America

Old School Boxing | Thom Goertel, with text by Jim Kuhnhenn
A photo essay on realized potential, mental focus, well-timed footwork, and respect for your opponent

August 2019

Issue 524

Our Fellow Americans | Mark Leviton
Paul Chaat Smith On The Complex Truth Of Native American History

Rumors Of Our Demise
Poems By Native American Writers

July 2019

Issue 523

To Free Ourselves, We Must Feed Ourselves | Tracy Frisch
Leah Penniman On Bringing People Of Color Back To The Land

Readers Write on “Smoking”
After school, after a divorce, after an earthquake​

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