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April 2019

Issue 520

Not So Black And White | Mark Leviton
Dorothy Roberts On The Myth Of Race

Guests | Doug Winter
A photo essay on the guests of Loaves & Fishes in Sacramento, California

March 2019

Issue 519

Filling The Void | Jari Chevalier
Bruce K. Alexander On How Our Culture Is Making Us Addicted

Our Own Devices | Gianpaolo La Paglia
A photo essay on people lost inside their phones

February 2019

Issue 518

Before It’s Too Late | Mary DeMocker
Mary Christina Wood On Avoiding Climate Disaster

Readers Write on “Guests”
A mysterious presence, a troupe of anarchists, a nocturnal visitor

January 2019

Issue 517

We Need To Talk | Amy Amoroso
Anne Hallward On Breaking Our Silence And Overcoming Shame

Readers Write on “Being Busy”
A family vacation, a secret romance, a refugee’s plight

December 2018

Issue 516

White Lies | Mark Leviton
Ijeoma Oluo On Privilege, Power, And Race

Poetry By Tony Hoagland
“Though grudging at first, / he fell like the rain, with his eyes wide open, / willing to change.”

November 2018

Issue 515

Unfair Advantage | Tracy Frisch
Stacy Mitchell On How Amazon Undermines Local Economies

Readers Write on “Men And Women”
A teacher’s legacy, a professor’s dilemma, a stranger’s confessions

October 2018

Issue 514

The Holiness Hidden Within The World | Laura Esther Wolfson
Rabbi Rachel Timoner On Rediscovering Judaism

Displaced Persons | Clemens Kalischer
A photo essay on European war refugees into the U.S. in 1947 and 1948

September 2018

Issue 513

Prisoner Of Hope | Judith Hertog
Cornel West’s Quest For Justice

Father Figure | Zun Lee
A photo essay on black fathers and their children in the Bronx and Harlem

August 2018

Issue 512

Our Grand Delusion | Corey Fischer
Norman Fischer On The Tyranny Of The Self

A Long Life | Raffaele Montepaone
A photo essay on the rural people of Calabria, in southern Italy, who live an unusually long time

July 2018

Issue 511

Sunken Treasures | Michael Shapiro
Sylvia Earle On Why We Need To Protect The Oceans

Readers Write on “Threats”
A pack of dogs, a husband’s secret, an obsessive ex

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