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October 2017

Issue 502

Jailhouse Blues | Aaron Carnes
Henry Robinett On Teaching Inmates To Play The Guitar

Readers Write on “Mischief”
A teenage vandal, a burning secret, a sexual awakening

September 2017

Issue 501

Love Thy Neighbor | Amanda Abrams
Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove On Race, Faith, And Resistance

The Salt Seas Of The Heart
A Tribute To Brian Doyle

August 2017

Issue 500

One Nation, Indivisible
For this, the five hundredth issue of The Sun, we’re revisiting some writing and interviews that serve to remind us how much we’ve been through and also how far we still have to go.

See You At The Impeachment | Sparrow

July 2017

Issue 499

The Whole Truth | Mark Leviton
Richard A. Leo On Why Innocent People Confess To Crimes

Life On The Outside | Joseph Rodriguez
A photo essay on the residents and clients of Walden House in Los Angeles

June 2017

Issue 498

Hooked | Arnie Cooper
Maia Szalavitz Debunks Myths About Addiction

Readers Write on “Losing”
A family heirloom, a best friend, a teen’s virginity

May 2017

Issue 497

A Walk On The Wild Side | Al Kesselheim
Joe Hutto’s Life With Animals

Animal Shelter | Mark Ross
A photo essay on beautiful, abandoned creatures that deserve to live out their lives in loving homes

April 2017

Issue 496

An Open Mind | Tracy Frisch
Sera Davidow Questions What We Think We Know About Mental Illness

Readers Write on “Almost”
Keeping a promise, making amends, hitching a ride

March 2017

Issue 495

Misdiagnosed And Misunderstood | Mark Leviton
Steve Silberman On The Mysteries Of Autism

Readers Write on “Leaps Of Faith”
An immigrant’s decision, a gambler’s dilemma, a daughter’s grief

February 2017

Issue 494

Weapons In The War For Human Kindness | Diana S. McCall
An Interview From The Sun’s Archives With David Budbill

On The Border | Szymon Barylski
A photo essay on fourteen thousand migrants stranded in an unauthorized refugee camp in Greece

January 2017

Issue 493

Every Reason To Stay | Christine Byl
Eva Saulitis’s Life With Whales

Readers Write on “Making Friends”
Late-night smokes, swearing lessons, the facts of life

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