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November 2016

Issue 491

The Long Shadow | Jeanne Supin
Bruce Perry On The Lingering Effects Of Childhood Trauma

Readers Write on “First Impressions”
An autographed bookmark, a stack of children’s books, the ideal country dog

October 2016

Issue 490

An Unlikely Friendship | Judith Hertog
An Israeli And A Palestinian Make The Case For Peace

Readers Write on “Restaurants”
Two grenades, the NAACP, a changed man at the farmers’ table

September 2016

Issue 489

To Have And To Hold | Mark Leviton
Stephanie Coontz On The Past, Present, And Future Of Marriage

Readers Write on “At The Last Minute”
Self-surrendering to prison, saving a life, wishing to have said “I don’t,” instead of, “I do”

August 2016

Issue 488

Signs Of Intelligent Life | Sam Mowe
Carl Safina’s Evidence That Other Animals Think And Feel

Readers Write on “Houses”
An atom-bomb-proof house, the “House of Pain,” a New Mexico forest fire

July 2016

Issue 487

Who Are You Calling Crazy? | Zander Sherman
Gary Greenberg On How We Define Mental Illness — And How It Defines Us

Readers Write on “High School”
A caring teacher, a forbidden love, a missed period

June 2016

Issue 486

The Skeleton Gets Up And Walks | Leath Tonino
Craig Childs On How The World Is Always Ending

Readers Write on “Swimming”
A swimming lesson, a beautiful dive, a cute lifeguard

May 2016

Issue 485

Righteous Babe | Mark Leviton
Ani DiFranco On Music, Politics, And Staying Independent

Let It Shine
A Tribute To Stephen Levine

April 2016

Issue 484

Two Ways Of Knowing | Leath Tonino
Robin Wall Kimmerer On Scientific And Native American Views Of The Natural World

Readers Write on “Bosses”
A manager’s lament, a meddling husband, a reporter’s revenge

March 2016

Issue 483

Embracing Ignorance | Sam Mowe
Jack Miles On His Path From Belief To Disbelief And Back

Readers Write on “The Sofa”
Napping with dogs, lodging with strangers, destroying the evidence

February 2016

Issue 482

The Kids Are All Right | Mark Leviton
David Lancy Questions Our Assumptions About Parenting

Where The Wild Things Are | Alain Laboile
A photo essay on Alain Laboile’s children’s daily lives

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