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A Bright-Yellow-And-Black Bird

Right now there is a bright-yellow-and-black bird — / whose name I used to know / before I started taking this pill / called Lexapro

By Sybil Smith July 2017
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Steps One Through Four

While my father was stationed in Germany and dating my mother, he wrote her a letter saying, “Someday I’d like to have twins with blond hair and blue eyes.” Twenty-seven years later, here I am, one of his identical blond-haired, blue-eyed twin girls.

By Megan Denton Ray April 2017
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Last Call

I was lucky. I didn’t have a physical dependency on alcohol. I just drank to be like everyone else at the party. Faced with a choice between dying young in a tangle of smashed things or pulling it together to have a regular life, I chose the regular life. I traded living on the edge for just living.

By Elli Miles Kade October 2014
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Speaking Up

A volleyball game, a missed brunch, a game of Candy Land

By Our Readers May 2014
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In The Dark

Reading Goodnight Moon to a child, cross-country skiing at noon under a full moon, gasping at the sight of the ocean awash in moonlight

By Our Readers September 2013


Basia watches her granddaughter, Lalka. No matter what else she does — digs in the garden, pulls weeds in the greenhouse, peels the potatoes — always she watches her granddaughter, who has a reddish-purple birthmark over her neck and jaw and part of her cheek. Her husband, Zbigniew, watches Lalka too.

By Halina Duraj April 2013
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Warning Signs

An identity thief, a flat tire on the Williamsburg Bridge, a cat named Cinnamon

By Our Readers February 2012

Leaning Back In My Chair, Feet Up On The Garden Table

I find nothing to do / And fall asleep under the sun / Near my wife’s peony beds.

By Robert P. Cooke August 2011
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Call Your Deadbeat Dad

There is a bike path that zigzags from the east side of Portland, Oregon, down to the Willamette River, then along the austere black geometry of the Steel Bridge and onto the grassy esplanade that borders the west side.

By Wayne Scott August 2010
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They Dream By The River

It’s one in the afternoon, and I wake up in a brick apartment building in Niagara Falls, New York, birds cheeping into the straw and broken springs of my hangover. Claire, the pint-sized, frizzy-haired woman with the short leg who will run away with a truck driver in two weeks, is lying next to me, snoring softly.

By Poe Ballantine November 2009