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The Only Source You Need

There is much talk these days about being in the last quarter of the century, long prophesied to be the time of cataclysmic upheaval and universal distress. Those of us seriously involved in metaphysics are bombarded with gurus, masters, courses, automatically channeled bibles and mail-order pamphlets that all proclaim they have the one answer, the one way out, the one spiritual ointment for your psychic pain. Too often these paths, especially the guru/master/anointed leader cults, are a sad psychological substitute for the all-loving, all-knowing fathers we have each subconsciously craved at some point in our development.

Essays, Memoirs, & True Stories

On Not Believing

If you look hard enough for a reason to support something you want to believe in, you’ll find it. We select a belief as we do a mate, seeking for that which best reflects ourselves and our needs. Both are fragile and tenuous affairs, but how much more fervently one will hold onto some beliefs, after many loves have come and gone.