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On Arriving (But Where?)

Coming down here: tunnel of freeways, of semis, left lane, embankment, passing at 80, 85, 90, an occasional unconscious suicidal 95, 100, thinking of the Missouri regiment marching up Canyon de Chelley (deep narrow canyon in northern Arizona) with the Navajos covering them from the crevices of the canyon all the way up but they didn’t know it: the Navajos had to ad­mire folks with that kind of nerve, or at least wanted to figure out their number.

By Amey Miller May 1974
Essays, Memoirs, & True Stories

The Enlightenment Game

BODY enters world. Spirit enters body. Go.

April 1974
Essays, Memoirs, & True Stories

A Hillbilly’s Work Ethic

Let me always turn my back on security. For it is the fearful uncertainty of my life that gives me strength.

By Kip Baker February 1974
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Street Vending

The Chapel Hill Board of Aldermen have once again put off taking a stand on the controversial street vending issue, at least until next month.

By Joy Hewitt February 1974
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Sy’s Space

More jobs in the last year than I can remember, and so little sense, through it all, of any purposeful endeavor, of meaningful labor, of real work.

By Sy Safransky February 1974
Essays, Memoirs, & True Stories

[Big cities may shrink]

Big cities may shrink to more manageable proportions because of the fuel pinch, some regional planners believe.

By Anonymous January 1974