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Finding Out About Your Heart

After twenty-five years in the courtroom, you only have to look at the foreman to know a jury’s mind. The doc’s expression tells you what he has found out about your heart.

By Candace Perry March 1991
Readers Write

Going Out

A three-thousand-pound slab, a pair of sunglasses and a book, a sprouting of wings

By Our Readers March 1991
Essays, Memoirs, & True Stories

Born Too Young: Diary Of A Pilgrimage

(Part Three)

I don’t feel a thrill of nationalism here, like Dad does. He thinks, wow, a country full of Jews. I think, oh no, a country full of Israelis — another language I don’t understand.

By Sparrow February 1991

Heart Too Big

“The Fat Fucker showed up,” he said, mopping his plate with a biscuit. Robert nodded, acknowledging that he knew who Edsel was talking about, but wasn’t ready to speak himself until he’d concluded a particularly sensual moment with Ellen’s cooking.

By John C. Richards February 1991


We think that we must become acquisitive — though we call it by a better-sounding word. We call it evolution, growth, development, progress, and we say it is essential.

J. Krishnamurti

November 1990

All The Panamas In The World And Herb’s

Carol had on a pink blouse. Her bra straps made these small ridges in the cloth. Every time she bent to reach for another glass, a small crescent of purple poked from beneath the pink. It looked like the edge of a real whopper.

By T.L. Toma August 1990

Delicious Laughter

Rambunctious Teaching Stories Of Rumi

Jalaluddin Rumi Translated By Coleman Barks May 1990
Readers Write


The double-entry ledger system, pliés, a workable bicycle

By Our Readers September 1989
Essays, Memoirs, & True Stories

The Law Of Relation

(Part Two)

They are lovers. He told me last night at 3 a.m., after we had taken several long walks, talking and coming to no resolution. After weeks of fighting, absolutely at cross-purposes, as though we were speaking entirely different languages.

By Catherine Madsen June 1989

Man Made

Take note, Father, for I have sinned, for relentlessly thinking of his warm body while hers lies cold. For looking beyond this day and this tree-lined cemetery and expecting nothing. For feeling just the aching cold and ill-fitting shoes. For wanting to see his face and know the truth.

By Anna Schachner May 1989