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Decisive Moments In Medical History

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By Mark Mitcham March 1979
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Health: The Simple Truth

Why turn over control of our important bodily functions from an infinite inner wisdom that perfectly controls 25 quadrillion cells in every function every second of the day, to our educated intelligence that has a hard time remembering a telephone number?

By Gordon Eatman January 1978
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Temple Sweeper

Warm summer weather and more time outdoors bring with them predictable health problems, mostly minor, but nonetheless annoying. I would like to share some “home remedies” which are based mainly on herbal or holistic approaches.

By Val Staples July 1977
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Remembering The Bicentennial

This is all in service of an excuse to reissue a bunch of bicentennial humor that ran on WDBS from the fall of ’75 to July 4, 1976. There were well over a hundred different “bicentennial minutes,” and what follows was excerpted from the worst of them.

By David Searls July 1977
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By The Light Of The Moon

The Soul And Its Transformations

The province of the transformations of the soul in western society remains, for the most part, that of medicine and psychotherapy. Mostly, both acknowledge problems, rather than the states of evolution and transformation of the soul.

By Isis October 1976
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Taking The Cure

Throughout history plants have been the primary medicine used to treat physical and psychological illness. Many people are returning to nature as their primary healer, finding the approach of Western medicine often ineffective and expensive.

By Leaf Diamant June 1976
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The Last Free Lunch (Part Two)

Wild Foods And Herbs In Chapel Hill

In this area of North Carolina, healthful foods and herbs grow wild throughout the year. . . . Persimmon, rosehips, and sassafras are three easy to find and easy to collect plants that are abundant.

By Leaf Robert Diamant November 1975
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Crossing The Boundary

Book Review

This awareness, a quiet feeling that something was wrong, was with him at the age of 3. At 46, he resolved the conflict and became a woman. James was a traveler and, as a professional correspondent, crossed continents and scaled Everest. Yet it was Jan Morris who completed the most important journey, that to the woman hidden inside the man.

By Sue Hartnett November 1975
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The Last Free Lunch (Part One)

Wild Foods And Herbs In Chapel Hill

Everywhere out of doors that I go — city streets, roadsides, country fields, dense forests, wherever there is water and soil and sunlight (and these can be in the smallest quantities or poorest qualities) — I see plant life of such great beauty and uniqueness that I am dazzled with appreciation and wonder.

By Leaf Robert Diamant September 1975