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The Match

There was a woman with one desire: to win a tennis game with God. She invited God to play tennis. God agreed and they set a date: Saturday, March 3.

By Sparrow December 1985

Spring Training

The package is wrapped in brown paper and it is soft, like somebody’s laundry coming back. It was delivered to the Admin building by the UPS, with Turley’s name on the address label. Sometimes Turley used to get a new pair of handle grips through the UPS, with his name on the label, but this is the first package he has gotten since the middle of the winter, when Mr. Parker died.

By Kurt Rheinheimer April 1984

Photographs By John Rosenthal

The photographs from this selection are available as a PDF only. Click here to download.

By John Rosenthal February 1983
Readers Write

Growing Older

The Original Odd Couple, a soccer coach, a bibliophile

By Our Readers January 1983


Coggins walked through an afternoon fog as soft and gray-white as his own hair. He had walked a half mile or so nearly every day for twenty years — at first on the advice of a doctor who had repaired his heart, and then later because it became his deepest habit, and broke the day.

By Kurt Rheinheimer September 1982
Essays, Memoirs, & True Stories

Carolina Basketball

For the past few weeks in Chapel Hill we have gathered in front of our television sets to watch the Carolina basketball team move steadily through the NCAA tournament, game by game, winning them all, never with any great ease but always looking like the team everyone of us wanted: disciplined but unpredictable, talented beyond legitimate expectation but not overly-talented like a “bought” team, as good at defense as offense, and most important of all (at least for the fan), a team which in its combined personality embodied all the complex and contradictory elements of our own personalities.

By John Rosenthal July 1982
Essays, Memoirs, & True Stories

The High Diving Board

The man in the silk swimsuit stood on the edge of the diving board — now motionless. An unusual silence weighed in the air. Everyone turned to look at this figure balanced on the end of the board. A collective gasp pulled the air from the board as the old man bent his legs and in slow motion sprang into the air.

By Ron Jones November 1981
Essays, Memoirs, & True Stories

Two From The Outside, With Feeling

Then the coup de grace. Al Wood, driving, one on one against Sampson. Sampson leaps to block as Al Wood pumps, slides under the basket and drops in a reverse lay up. When consciousness returns, Al Wood has 39 points, the Heels win by 13, and however fate would play its dirty game, the world is turned right side up. Naked people dance on Franklin Street.

By Leonard Rogoff August 1981

Mental Basketball

Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen, welcome to WYOY’s Mental-Basketball Game of the Week. Today’s contest pits mind against matter for the championship of Western Civilization. The winner here will meet the Eastern Civilization Champion to ultimately determine who will oppose the forces of nature in the Fourth Dimension.

By David Manning July 1981

David Kemsmier: Scenes From Childhood

Many families possess tales of their occasional flirtations with opulence. Ours concerns Great Grandpa Kemsmier. Short of cash, he decided to sell his small matzoh business. The new management expanded into wines and other kosher delicacies — changing the company name to Manischewitz.

By Nyle Frank April 1981