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Sustainable Living

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Seeds Of Life, Seeds Of Destruction

When plant varieties are lost, their genetic material is lost — and lost forever. Without existing seeds which carry specific genes conferring resistance, it may not be possible in the future to breed resistance back into corn or any other crop.

By Cary Fowler September 1977
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. . . and not a drop to drink. . . .

The Cane Creek Controversy

Coy Armstrong moved to Cane Creek from Wilkes County in 1922, when he was eight years old. He has walked his land thousands of times, and probably knows Cane Creek better than anyone.

By Hal Richman May 1977
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Around The Corner

Water shortages in parts of the U.S. and other countries are currently causing great inconvenience. By that I mean people’s normal routines are being interrupted. Temporarily, at least, habits have changed.

By Daniel R. Koenigshofer October 1976
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Doing It

If you are building your own home and you’ve decided to dig a well for your water supply, I have a bit of advice for you: Get a dowser.

By Mike Mathers March 1976
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The Fantasy And The Reality

Designing and building your own home can be a vital step in taking control over your life, in taking responsibility for your own actions, in becoming free. It can do this on different levels, in different ways.

By Robert Roskind March 1976

Earth as a planet needs tending to

One cant love without fear of exposing / tender parts to pain, nor can one leave / love to feeling incomplete, to make sense / from pain, never-ending, like glare.

By Richard Williams February 1976
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no rent, no mortgage (just borrow a saw)

Your house, your home, is the environment in which you’ll spend more time than any other. Because of this, it profoundly influences you and your peace of mind. It is the keynote to your survival.

By Robert Ruskin June 1975
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Confessions Of A Junk Addict

CONFESSION: I realize that all may not share this addiction or feel the same high that I experience over a sixty-year-old rocker for $20.00 or a refrigerator for $35.00, but I admit that I’ll go to any length to satisfy this craving.

By Sue Anderson Hartnett July 1974
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Street Vending

The Chapel Hill Board of Aldermen have once again put off taking a stand on the controversial street vending issue, at least until next month.

By Joy Hewitt February 1974
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Nobody Called

Chapel Hill Energy Task Force

Sweat suits instead of flannel pajamas, river canoe trips instead of a vacation in Disneyland — these are some of the changes in lifestyle “every thinking person” should make, according to Shirley Marshall, chairman of Chapel Hill’s new energy conservation task force.

By Anonymous January 1974