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February 1992


Antler lives in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and makes his living reading poems throughout the United States.


Morrie Camhi, a former photography instructor at San Francisco City College, calls himself an “environmental portrait photographer.”


Kate Groff is a writer and editor who is finally besting gravity and her two wheels. She keeps her heart in the mountains, her toes sunk in the sands of the Gulf Coast. She lives in Tarpon Springs, Florida.


Jonathan Huntress has been a musician, songwriter, artist, contractor, and businessman. He started teaching vocational education for Santa Fe Community College in the New Mexico prison system three years ago. He now lives in Albuquerque, New Mexico.


Daniela Kuper writes that she is “a writer who lives in Boulder, Colorado, with my two teenagers, Judah and Sahra. (They like seeing their names in print. So does my friend Mary.)” Her work has appeared in The Amaranth Review and Poetry Forum Short Stories.


Barbara O’Brien is a production editor who lives in Bergenfield, New Jersey, with two children and two cats. Since 1988 she has studied at the Zen Mountain Monastery in Mount Tremper, New York.


Sy Safransky is editor of The Sun.


Michael Ventura is a columnist for the L.A. Weekly, and the author of Shadow Dancing in the USA. He lives in Los Angeles.


Lisa Horton Zimmerman lives in Fort Collins, Colorado, with her husband and their three children. In 1986 she won the Redbook Short Story Contest. Her poetry has appeared in The Bridge, Gypsy, and Iowa Woman.


On The Cover

Hella Hammid is a photographer who lives in Los Angeles.


Sy Safransky

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Carolynn Schwartz

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T.L. Toma

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Heideh D. Kabir

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Angela L. Williams

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Jan Bellard
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Erika Simon

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