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January 2023


Rebecca Baggett acquired a grandson and a book contract in the first months of the pandemic, both of which helped her stay more or less sane. Her first full-length poetry collection, The Woman Who Lives without Money, was published in 2022. She lives in Athens, Georgia. You can follow her on Instagram: @rbaggett27.


Rob Bowers is publisher of The Sun. He started reading the magazine in 1996 as an antidote to his professional life in finance and commerce. He later left his career to start an organic farm and spent nine years toiling in the North Carolina dirt — an agrarian midlife crisis of sorts. Today he and his wife, Cheri, and daughter, Téa, live in Cedar Grove, North Carolina.


Anders Carlson-Wee lives in Los Angeles. He has hopped freight trains all around the country and loves dumpster diving and backpacking. His second book of poetry, Disease of Kings, is forthcoming in 2023.


Ama Codjoe’s latest book is Bluest Nude, a poetry collection about color, art, and intimacy. She lives in Brooklyn, New York.


Brian Doyle was an Oregon-based novelist, essayist, poet, and editor. His novels include Martin Marten and The Adventures of John Carson in Several Quarters of the World. He died in 2017.


Emily Doyle lives in Los Angeles with her bearded dragon and bearded husband. She is an MFA student at the University of California, Riverside, and is working on a novel and a short-story collection. Her short story in this issue is her first publication. You can follow her on Twitter: @e_m_doyle.


Allegra Hyde’s stories and essays have appeared in The Pushcart Prize and The Best American Travel Writing. Her latest short-story collection, The Last Catastrophe, will be published in March. She teaches at Oberlin College in Ohio. You can follow her on Twitter: @allegra_hyde.


Davon Loeb’s writing has appeared in Joyland, The Rumpus, and Catapult. His debut memoir, The In-Betweens, will be published in February. He lives in New Jersey.


David Mahaffey is the digital-media director at The Sun. He started reading science-fiction novels during his formative years, which explains his abundance of both wonder and skepticism. Send him your ranked list of Star Trek episodes (any series) on Tumblr: @wordshepherd.


Mary Zelinka lives in Albany, Oregon, and has worked at the Center against Rape and Domestic Violence for more than thirty years. She recently moved to a Mennonite retirement village, though she is not Mennonite and has no intention of retiring.



Montserrat Andrée Carty is the host of the podcast Musings of the Artist and an MFA writing candidate at Vermont College of Fine Arts. She is named after a mountain just outside Barcelona, Spain, where she spent her early childhood.


Eric Davidove lives in the Bay Area. When he is not teaching yoga or walking other people’s dogs, he explores the city streets with his camera.


David Inscho lives in Bellingham, Washington. His photographs have appeared in Backpacker and Adventures Northwest, but his most enduring achievement is the sycamore tree he planted in his front yard more than twenty years ago.


Ezequiel-Saint Millán II is a Mexican photographer, poet, and typographer who lives in California. Follow him on Instagram @byzekemillan.


Tracy Pitts lives in Portland, Oregon, with two cats and a rescue puppy. When he’s not cleaning up after, separating, or feeding them, he works as an independent documentary filmmaker. You can follow him on Instagram: @paulpaul2551.


Jennifer Spelman once worked for a district attorney and photographed a police bust through the periscope of an unmarked van parked near a Denny’s. She lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico.


Cole Thompson is a photographer who lives in Colorado. He is known for his black-and-white images and his beautiful hair.


Morgan Tyree lives in Powell, Wyoming. He drove to Alaska last summer for a two-month job that included house- and dog-sitting. Days would pass where his only conversations were with Adii, Ladybird, Nanuq, Barista, McCaw, Muffin, and Cupcake — a crew of sled dogs.


On The Cover

James Carroll lives in New York City. Though mostly retired, he still takes photos of places like Times Square and county fairs. He took the photo on this month’s cover in the 1970s to commemorate his friends’ recent wedding. They have been married ever since.

image © Eric Davidove

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