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February 2024


Brittany Ackerman had her first child last year and is now the type of person who incessantly writes about motherhood. She teaches writing at Vanderbilt University in Tennessee and is the author of an essay collection and a novel.


Susan Bruns recently moved from a two-story house where she’d lived for twenty-seven years into a rental with her daughter and two cats. She is learning to edit her life the way she edits her writing: sticking to what’s essential.


Grady Chambers is the author of the poetry collection North American Stadiums. He lives in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where his favorite pastime is sneaking beer into movie theaters.


Benjamin S. Grossberg is a distance runner who spends his summers tending a small backyard apple grove in West Hartford, Connecticut. His debut novel, The Spring before Obergefell, is forthcoming in October 2024.


Erin Hoover is the author of two poetry collections, Barnburner and No Spare People. She teaches at Tennessee Tech, leads a Girl Scout troop, and tells her daughter daily that they are not getting a dog.


Dash Lewis is a musician and freelance writer who lives in Richmond, Virginia. He spends his spare time searching for good sandwiches and better soup. You can follow him on X: @gardenerjams.


Mishele Maron’s first job, as a strawberry picker in Washington State, led her to France for culinary training and then back to Seattle, where she now lives, cooks, and writes.


Lucy Tan was born in the year of the dragon, which, according to a fortune teller, would have been good luck if it had been raining on her birth date. She lives in Seattle, where she gets plenty of rain but could always use more luck. Her first novel is titled What We Were Promised.



Thomas Clark has been creating photo essays since 1972. He lives in Brooklyn, New York. You can follow him on Instagram: @thomasclark28.


Cathy Clyde works in legal support, collects antique portraits of strangers, and takes photos in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.


Eric Davidove lives in the San Francisco Bay Area. When he is not teaching yoga or walking other people’s dogs, he explores the city streets with his camera.


Katie DelaVaughn lives in Yolo County, California. She was awarded first place in the 2023 Soho Photo Gallery Krappy Kamera competition.


Kirill Egorov is an airworthiness engineer from Russia who recently settled with his family in New Jersey. You can follow him on Instagram: @baddyglass.


Rachel J. Elliott is the editorial associate and photo editor at The Sun. She enjoys hiking with her dog and playing volleyball.


Michael Galinsky has been publishing images in The Sun for thirty-five years, and he would love to make it thirty-five more. He lives in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.


Reuben Radding grew up in Arlington, Virginia, where he dreamed of having a life without any separation between art-making time and “normal” time. He found it, living and photographing in New York City.


Anita Sagastegui gets paid to have fun teaching art to children from kindergarten through eighth grade. She lives in California.


Rabah Seffal grew up in Algeria, worked in Illinois as an engineer for twenty-five years, and now lives in North Africa, where he relishes fresh figs in the summer and olive-oil-soaked figs in the winter.


Sarah Strong enjoys creating stained-glass art, traveling, and spending time outdoors. She lives in Massachusetts.


Cynthia E. Wood lives in San Francisco, where she browses bookstores, cooks, listens to LPs, and sings in a secular chorus.


On The Cover

Natali Herrera-Pacheco is a Venezuelan artist and scholar who has taught at the University of North Texas, Texas Christian University, and Texas Woman’s University. She took the image on this month’s cover one wintery morning on Chicago’s Michigan Avenue.

image © Eric Davidove

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