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Barbara Dean

Barbara Dean is executive editor at Island Press and the author of Wellspring: A Story from the Deep Country (Island Press). She lives in Covelos, California.

— From January 1997
Essays, Memoirs, & True Stories


For fifteen years I hadn’t seen a mountain lion, and then I’d dreamed of a big cat and seen one within a six-week period. The synchronicity brought my inner and outer worlds together with such force it left me tingling for hours. All day long, I turned over and over in my mind the image of the cat, the memory of my dream, and the resonance between the two. I felt certain that this mountain lion had come to make real the image in the dream, to bring the symbol to life.

January 1997


A Story From The Deep Country

The stillness soothes me, reaches out to my battered spirit, until I sense the borders of that peace that waits beyond words, beyond human interaction. Stillness, peace, wordless energy: this I need, I have come to find.

April 1982
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