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How do I order a subscription?
When will I receive my first issue of The Sun?
How do I change my subscription mailing or e-mail address?
I filed an address-change notice with my post office, but I’m not receiving my magazines. What’s going on?
I missed an issue. Can I get a replacement?
I received a damaged issue. Can I get a replacement?
I received an invoice or renewal notice, but I already sent payment. What happened?
I’ve heard that The Sun gives complimentary subscriptions to people who can’t otherwise afford them. Is that true?
How do I remove my name from The Sun’s mailing-list rentals?

Submission Guidelines

How do I submit writing, interviews, or photographs for consideration?
Should I send a query before submitting my work?
What is The Sun’s standard review time for submissions?
I submitted a piece for Readers Write. Did you receive it, and was it accepted?

Website & Digital Media

How do I access digital issues?
Is there a way to search The Sun’s archive for a specific piece, or for work by a particular author?
I’m having trouble viewing PDFs in your online archive. What should I do?
How do I change my print or digital delivery preferences?
Why do you need my e-mail address? Will you share it with anyone?


How do I order books or report a problem with my book order?
How will books be shipped, and how long will they take to arrive?
Do you offer discounts to bookstores or libraries?


How do I cancel or modify my monthly donation?
Are donations to The Sun tax-deductible?

Back Issues and Sample Copies

Contacting The Sun

How do I contact The Sun?
How do I contact a staff member?
How do I send a letter to the editor?
How do I contact an author or photographer whose work is published in The Sun?


Where can I pick up a copy of The Sun today?
How can I get permission to reprint something that appeared in The Sun?
How can I get more information about The Sun’s events?
Where can I donate my collection of magazine issues?
I have a question that’s not covered in this FAQ. Whom should I contact?
Due to fulfillment challenges related to the novel coronavirus, print copies are temporarily unavailable for individual sale. We are offering free PDFs until we are able to resume print sales.

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