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Christine Japely

Christine Japely writes fiction, poetry, and essays. She lives on the edge of New York City.

— From October 1997

Teeth, Death, My Friend Louise

I’m forty-one, but my nine-year-old son persists in thinking I’m only forty. He’s at that phase when children become obsessed with their parents’ mortality, and for him this takes the guise of frequent (incorrect) recitations of my age, my birth date, and how old I’ll be on my next birthday.

October 1997
Essays, Memoirs, and True Stories

The Kingdom, The Kingdom

Deep in the heart of this desert land, rising up out of nowhere amid the sea of sand, is the city: Riyadh! We can drive out of town a bit and see camels wandering about; their owners let them loose to wander for eleven months at a time!

August 1996
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