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Sidonie-Gabrielle Colette, better known as Colette, was born in 1873. Hailed as France’s greatest woman writer, she scandalized French society with her career as a racy music-hall performer; her three marriages, the first of which ended after a much-talked-about affair with her stepson; multiple lesbian relationships; and an onstage kiss with another female artist that nearly caused a riot. When Colette died in Paris in 1954, she was given a state funeral.

— From September 2010
The Dog-Eared Page

excerpted from
Break Of Day

Now that little by little I am beginning to age, and little by little taking on her likeness in the mirror, I wonder whether, if she were to return, she would recognize me for her daughter, in spite of the resemblance of our features. She might if she came back at break of day and found me up and alert in a sleeping world, awake as she used to be, and I often am, before everyone.

September 2010
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