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Daniel Larson

Daniel Larson was a fisherman in Kasilof, Alaska, for three years and a youth worker in South Central Los Angeles for five. He now directs youth programs in the Mission District in San Francisco.

— From April 2011

CJ The Prince

You can’t breathe, yes, but it’s not because you feel punched in the gut. It’s the cold. The cold that sank in so fast and deep, your insides are freezing. All ice. And the radio in your brain is playing Rigo’s words from just a week ago: “CJ goes anywhere. It’s like he got a pass. He’ll hit the barbecue in the projects, hit another on Grape, stop and shoot dice with Swans on his way home. CJ’s dad is like royalty, and CJ the prince, man. CJ one guy they just let be.”

April 2011
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