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Eric Nelson

Eric Nelson and his wife, the writer Stephanie Tames, are moving from South Georgia, where they’ve lived for twenty-six years, to Asheville, North Carolina, where they hope to live for at least twenty-six more.

— From May 2015


The novelty intrigued at first — / A gray hair! Yanked it out. Examined. / Coarser than the brown. Crimpy. Like a pubic hair / That lost its spring, and way.

May 2015

Better Angels

Adrift, unpinned, their lost / Feathers settle at my feet.

October 2014

Twenty-Five O’Clock

In this saved hour I want to praise / The otherworldly feel of it — / As if physics and gravity were a phase / Outgrown and now, at last, what we suspected / Was possible is possible, the future behind us.

April 2013

The Twins

The five-year-old twins who wandered / From their yard were finally found

April 2011
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