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Jaimes Alsop

Jaimes Alsop writes that he was “recently knighted. Honest.” He lives in Barstow, California.

— From February 1993
Essays, Memoirs, & True Stories

Minding The Equipment

It is interesting enough, you might suppose, that a man goes out every winter, in the very worst of the Northwest weather, and lives out there alone for months at a time, all to take care of someone else’s heavy equipment.

August 1991

A Day In The Life At Paradise

This is how it began. We stood in the parking lot under the hot sun looking at one another. “It’s a job for a couple,” he said. “The advertisement said for a couple.” I shrugged and waited, not having anything else to do. He told me about the hours and the pay and asked me if I had ever worked a motel before. I told him no and by the end of the week I was the manager at Paradise. That is how it began.

May 1990
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