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Jim Moore

Jim Moore’s newest book of poetry, Underground: New and Selected Poems, is forthcoming in 2021. When he looks out his window each morning in Minneapolis, Minnesota, he sees nurses and doctors going to work, which helps him keep things in perspective.

— From July 2020

Already True

A Selection Of Poetry For These Times

July 2020

Ode To My Kind

Here I am, once again among my kind, / half-moon high outside the window / rowing its light down the empty street, parting / the dark waves of the parking lot, soaking the oak leaves / all the way through.

September 2019

Fear And Love

I wish I could make the argument that a river / and a sunset plus a calm disregard of the ego / are enough.

June 2019

Also Known As

If you are more close to the dying / than you would like to be, then it is time for the sky / to grow larger than the earth, than the sea even.

May 2019
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