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Joan Murray

Joan Murray is the author of five books of poetry, most recently Swimming for the Ark: New and Selected Poems, 1990–2015. She is the editor of The Pushcart Book of Poetry and lives in New York’s Hudson Valley.

— From February 2016

The Same Movies

He never listens to my dreams. “Dreams / aren’t real,” he says dismissively. And he’d prefer it / if I filled out a rebate for a toothbrush instead of starting another / poem.

February 2016
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Let Nothing You Dismay

How can you help remembering it, all of it, when Christmas comes? Christmas is like drowning and seeing your life before your eyes. Every year — and it’s the darkest week of the year — someone strings lights on a tree, and you stand in front of it with whoever or whatever is supposed to make you happy. And you smile, maybe in honest, naked joy, or maybe you fake it because you got an umbrella.

November 2013
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