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Juliet Wittman

Juliet Wittman writes a health column for the Boulder Daily Camera and is currently at work on a novel. She lives with her husband and daughter in Boulder, Colorado.

— From October 1994
Essays, Memoirs, & True Stories

Pine Boards & Strawberries

Finding Courage At A Cancer Workshop

As the end of my chemotherapy treatments approached, they became more and more difficult to endure. Freedom was so near, I could hardly bear to wait for it another second.

October 1994
Essays, Memoirs, & True Stories

On A Narrow Ledge

Lying awake in the gray hours of the morning, I heard a hissing little voice, insinuating, familiar, from the depths of my own being. What it was saying, over and over again, was simply, “Metastasis. Metastasisss.”

October 1989

Bobby D And The Boys

Robert DeNiro is getting into character. He’s been talking to his agent about doing some kind of working-class movie, something set in the steel mills of Gary, Indiana, or the factories of New Jersey.

May 1988
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