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Kate Osterloh

Kate Osterloh used to believe in a lot of things, like the infallibility of the Bible and the sanctity of government institutions. Now she spends her free time lying under the chestnut oak outside her office, certain of nothing and curious about everything. She is a U.S. diplomat stationed in Washington, D.C. You can follow her on Twitter: @KateOsterloh.

— From May 2020

Maryam And Yeshua

Maryam: And then the soldiers — oh, the soldiers. I’d take my time with them. I’d do to them everything they did to you. Maybe I’d leave one or two alive so they could learn how life can be a long nightmare.

Yeshua: I tried to make people see that all we have to do is turn around, leave that whining precious self behind, let it go and see the wholeness of God’s Name, but people want magic and miracles and kings—

May 2020


Now he’s here, and there had better be something holy in this darkness. So he puts his hands up and opens his eyes as wide as he can and says he has a message from God. Slowly everyone turns. They see a skinny kid who is not quite a man speaking words that are hard to unravel because of his accent.

December 2017
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