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Peny Prestini

Peny Prestini is one of the founders — with her husband, Michaell, and Jach Purcell — of the Synergy Foundation, now located in San Francisco. A spirit entity, “Lazaris,” speaks through Jach, and Peny writes, “Lazaris is booked into February, 1981, and the once-a-month workshop he does is becoming a warm gathering of people who are adjusting to his refusal to be a father-figure or guru for them.”

— From February 1980
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Laughing At Ourselves

There’s something about a “New Age Cultural Event” that asks you to put your brain on hold, a flavor of contrived holiness and assumed agreement that makes you twitch all over.

February 1980
Essays, Memoirs, & True Stories

The Only Source You Need

Enlightenment is less like a quiet, deep breath of serenity than a dynamic, on-going process of growth, joy, increased self-awareness and “cosmic” awareness. It is important to see yourself as a flowing process.

January 1979
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